Friday, October 20, 2017

October 23-27

A BIG thank you to the families who signed up and came to parent teacher conferences over the past few weeks. I have some families that still need to sign up for a conference. Please email, call, text, or write a note with times that are best for you. Thank you for checking your child's communication folder as well as their Monday folder! Please continue to read the little leveled readers that I send home each week. Reading "good fit" books is key to literacy success! 

This week is Red Ribbon Week! "Your Future is Key so be Drug Free!" is our motto this year! This week we will complete many fun activities that help us understand the importance of keeping our minds and bodies healthy! A yellow flyer was sent home last week with lots of information about the week. Please check that form on our school blog, The Lions Den. A link to the blog is to the right of this page. 

Related Arts Schedule: 

Monday - Computer Lab with Ms. Watkins *many students need new headphones

Tuesday - PE with Coach Byrd *wear appropriate shoes

Wednesday - PE with Coach Rad *wear appropriate shoes

Thursday - Steam Lab with Mr. Thorne 

Friday- Friendship Project in the Multipurpose Room *hosted by Dr. Gilbert and the related arts teachers 

Monday October 30th - Art with Ms. Marine 

What are we learning: 

Thursday, October 26th is the last day of the 1st 9 weeks! This week I will be completing district common assessments to complete our ELA and Math Report Card Rubrics for first grade! After report cards are issued, I will share those assessment copies with you. We have all shown tremendous growth since August. I am so proud of all my students' hard work and perseverance. We are kicking off 2nd 9 weeks full speed ahead! Every moment of our instructional day is vital for our children's success! If you need to call the classroom, please leave a message. The classroom phone "ringer" is muted during those teaching times. I check messages twice a day, midday and before dismissal. Please also use the text app! That info was sent home in the back to school packet and shared at Open House. 

Phonics- Short Vowels, Blends, and Review of all Kindergarten and 1st quarter 1st 9 Weeks Sight Words. Please practice reading these words each day. These words can be found on the classroom blog. I assessed students on these words at the beginning of the school year and sent that data home. Students must be fluent reading these words, that means they read them quickly and recognize them at first sight. Students do not need to try to sound these words out. Many of them are impossible to sound out. 

Reading- Story Elements in Fiction Texts (character, setting, plot) &  Continuing to understand our to summarize stories in sequence 

Writing - Narrative Writing & Using Correct Sentence Structure *Each week I send home your child's dictation tests. In order to receive a score of M, they must meet that standard 100%. Please practice using appropriate capitalization and punctuation at home and when you complete the homework. Some students still require guidance when deciphering the difference between complete and incomplete sentences. 

Math - Different Types of Subtraction Story Problems *Again, in order for students to receive an M for this standard, students must consistently make 100% on these problems. If your child does not have an M, do not feel discouraged. This standard is assessed all year long in first grade. Please go over the Engage NY exit tickets that I sent home. **Fact Fluency - please continue to practice math facts for both addition and subtraction for students. Flash cards are great! Students will take a timed test to determine how quickly they can recall their math facts up to 10. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Week of October 16-20

This week is a little different! Please read the reminders below: 

Wednesday October 18- Full Day *This is a weather make up day. 

Thursday October 19- Early Dismissal Day 

Friday October 20- No School for Students (Teacher Work Day) 

Monday October 23rd - Friday October 27th is Red Ribbon Week "Your future is key.. so stay drug free!" This week we celebrate friendship, kindness, and learn the importance of keeping our bodies and minds healthy!  *please be on the look out for information from Dr. Gilbert. 

Related Arts Schedule:

Monday: Steam Lab with Mr. Thorne 

Tuesday: Art with Ms. Marine 

Wednesday: Music with Mrs. Hair 

Thursday: Early Dismissal Day

Friday: No School  

Friday October 27th: Friendship Celebration in the Multipurpose Room with all of the Related Arts Teachers *hosted by Dr. Gilbert

What are we learning: 

 October 26th, is the last day of the first nine weeks! Students will be assessed using the Richland District II report card rubrics and assessments. Please practice sight words! 

Reading: Story Elements (Character, Setting, and Plot) Please read over the literacy handouts I send home each week in your child's Monday Folder! They are filled with some great ideas and resources to use at home. Please also remember to read your child's little white "leveled book". Your child gets a new book each week that they used the previous week in class. 

Phonics/Foundations: Short Vowels and Sight Words *Students need to be fluent with their sight words. That means they have to know them quickly! My teachers called them "lightning words". You have to know them quick as lightning! Most of those words, you cannot sound out. You just have to know them. 

Writing: Narrative Writing *Many students still need practice writing in complete sentences using correct sentence structure. When writing at home and doing homework, please practice using capital letters and punctuation marks. 

Math: Different Kinds of Math Story Problems *This will be tested for the first nine weeks. In order for your child to score a M, they must get them right 100% of the time. Keep practicing and don't get discouraged. This is something we practice every morning and during our math block. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Week of October 9-13

We had another wonderful week full of learning and fun in first grade! Thank you to all of the families who participated in the Book Fair and our Literacy Night. I will email you the slideshow presentation from Literacy Night for those who couldn't make it. Last Thursday, we had a chance to visit our Killian store and spend our Killian cash. Children can earn Killian bucks when they are caught being leaders in the building. Every child received a prize and we kindly ask that those prizes stay at home. This Wednesday, our class will go to the science lab for the first time this school year with Mrs. Perez to complete experiments for our unit: Light & Shadows. On Friday, we will have a bus evacuation drill to practice safety protocols for when we ride on school buses. Can you believe we are quickly approaching the last day of the 1st 9 weeks? Thursday, October 26th is the last day of this quarter. Let's push through to make each day of learning count! Thanks so much families for all that you do to ensure the success of your child's education and future! 

Related Arts Schedule: 

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music 

Wednesday: Computer Lab *make sure you student has a working pair of headphones 

Thursday: PE 

Friday: Library 

What are we learning this week? 

Reading: Story Elements - Who are the characters? Where and when is the story taking place (setting)? What is the problem and the solution (plot)?  

Phonics: Short Vowels & Sight Words *your child will be tested again on all kindergarten and first grade first quarter sight words the week of October 23-27 for the report card 

Writing: Narrative Writing & Paying Attention to Punctuation 

Math: Subtraction Story Problems 

Other Reminders: 

If you haven't signed up for a parent teacher conference, please do so ASAP! 

October 19th: Early Dismissal Day 

October 20th: No School 

Red Ribbon Week is October 23rd-27th. Be on the lookout for details from Dr. Gilbert. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

October 2-6, 2017

Important Dates and Related Arts Schedule 

This week is book fair week! A flyer was sent home last Thursday. Your child will go to the library by themselves to pick out books. Please bring money to school in an envelope or zip lock bag. Please also write the amount you are sending to school. If you can, please also write down the name of the book you want your child to purchase. Books are listed on the flyer. You will also have time to go check out books Tuesday before Literacy Night.  Thank you!

Monday: Music *Check your child's Monday folder for grades, homework packets, a math handout for you, and their progress report.

Tuesday: Computer Lab *Literacy Night - hope to see you there!

Wednesday: PE with Coach Byrd *National Walk to School Day

Thursday: PE with Coach Rad

Friday: STEAM Lab *Fall Picture Day (ALL money is due at the camera!!!)

What are we learning (video links below): 

Reading: Story Elements

Video for this skill

Writing: Narrative Writing

The Sentence Song

Phonics: Short Vowels, Sight Words, and Blends

Short O Word Families

sight word song

Math: Math Story Problems that involve Subtraction

Lesson 18 - We will do lessons 18-22 this week - Check out these videos!

Other Reminders: 

Thanks so much for all that you do each and every day for your child. If you haven't already, please sign up for a parent teacher conference. I hope to meet with all of my families! 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week of September 25th-29th

Important Dates & Related Arts Schedule: 

Monday PE - Crazy Sock Day

Tuesday - Library (please make sure your child brings in their library book so they can exchange it)- Hat Day

Wednesday STEAM lab - School Spirit - Wear yellow and blue!

Thursday Art - Wacky Tacky Day

Friday Music - Early Dismissal at 11:30 - You can wear your PJs to school Day **Please return the Parent Conference Form!

Saturday - Killian Family Fun Day 10-1 PM

What are we learning? 

Reading: Summarizing Stories in Sequence
3 Minute Reading Video - Ways you can work on this skill at home!

Phonics: Short Vowels and Sight Words
Sight Word Video
Phonics Video
Phonics Strategies - Stretchy Snake (stretching out the word and blending letter sounds)

Writing: Using Correct Sentence Structure & Narrative Writing

Math: Number Bonds and Math Story Problems
Number Bond Video

Social Science: Light and Shadows

Other Reminders: 

Thank you for checking your child's folder each day! Please remember to check the Monday folder as well and sign the weekly progress report.

Please sign up for free text service for home to school communication. Text the number 81010 with the code @e388g7

Last week, I gave you a computer packet. Please use online resources at home if you can! I look forward to another great week of learning with your child! Thank you for all of your support!

Friday, September 15, 2017

September 18-22

Last week you received a paper copy of your child's newsletter. This week, you will receive classroom info through email and the class blog. Your child is bringing home a lot of resources this week!

What will your child receive on Monday September 18th? 

  • Monday Folder - this is the first week of Monday folders! Please read over the letter inside of the folder. This week you will find a sight word book that you can use at home to learn sight words in the folder. You will also have a sight word assessment that I gave earlier in the year. This assessment is a district assessment that tests your child's fluency for all kindergarten and first grade first quarter sight words. Please sign the bottom portion and return to school on Tuesday along with your child's signed progress report. 
  • New Homework Packet for the week
  • Computer Packet - In the packet you will receive your child's Gmail login, Zearn login, and Front Row login. Each child in Richland 2 receives a Gmail account. Your child will use this at school almost every day. Zearn is a math site that your child will play each week in math stations. Front Row is a reading and math site your child will play each week in ELA and math stations. I encourage you to allow your child time to use these resources at home, if possible. Thank you for your support! This is free for you and is a great way to make learning fun on the weekends or after homework time. 
  • A black Envisions math workbook with a note attached. You do not need to return this to school. Please use this resource at home. 
  • A Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up Sheet - please return this by Friday, September 22nd. Please list 3 choices that work best for you. First come first serve! October 19th is a half day. We will have time on this day to complete conferences as well as other days I listed on the form. This date has been updated. It was orgiginally October 18th. However, due to the hurricane, it is a weather make up day. Early Dismissal is October 19th NOT the 18th. 

What are we learning this week? 

Reading: Summarizing Stories in Sequence 
Phonics: Short Vowels and Sight Words
Writing: Using Correct Sentence Structure 
Math: Number Bonds and Math Story Problems
Social Science: Diversity & Community 

Important Dates and Reminders: 

Children are allowed to check out one library book at a time. Please continue to help them understand the importance of being responsible. They also need to bring their Treasures textbook to class. They will receive the second volume soon. 

Killian Kick Off Carnival is Saturday, September 30th (a paper was sent home for this fun event)
Chick Fil A Family Night is Monday, September 18th (please tell them you are a Killian parent- hope to see you there!) 

Early Dismissal is Friday September 29th (Students are dismissed at 11:30 AM) 

Please sign up to receive text messages! Text the number 81010 with the message @e388g7

Thank you to the families who joined us for Open House last week! If you didn't attend, you will receive a packet of resources during your scheduled parent teacher conference! 

Thank you also for working with your child on the All About Me Projects!!! These projects were amazing! I loved looking at your family photos and learning more about your child. Thank you again! 

Related Arts Schedule 

Monday September 18th: PE 

Tuesday: STEAM Lab 

Wednesday: Art 

Thursday: Music

Friday: Computer Lab 

Monday September 25: PE 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Week of September 4-8, 2017

This week you received a paper copy of this information. That will be the only paper copy of your child’s weekly newsletter. It is very important you send me your email for updates and reminders, visit this blog, and you have the option of signing up for the text service, which is FREE. This week, I am finishing up beginning of the year testing. I can’t wait to share your child’s data with you during parent conferences. Be on the lookout for a sign up sheet soon!
Students are allowed to check out one library book and take it home. I always encourage the students to check out books that match their monthly reading log. I sent home a reminder about your email last week. If you are not receiving emails, you need to email me so I can add you to the group. 
We have started our year off strong to ensure a great year of growing in our education, friendships, independence and self-confidence! The first two weeks we spent reviewing procedures, building relationships, and going over expectations. We also had a picture of what a "normal" class day will entail.
Thursday September 7th: Open House 5-7 PM
Monday September 11th: All About Me Project Due *a letter was sent home last week
Friday September 29th: Early Dismissal Day at 11:30 AM
Saturday September 30th: Killian Kick Off Carnival
Related Arts Schedule:
Monday- No School
Tuesday- Computer Lab *your child needs a pair of headphones and a signed RUP form
Wednesday- PE *wear appropriate shoes
Thursday- PE *next week it will be Library, we rotate two PE classes each week
Friday- STEAM Lab
Don't forget to text 81010 with the message: @e388g7 to receive important classroom reminders and updates via text
What We Are Learning:
Reading: Sequencing & Summarizing Text We are also learning about how to choose “good fit” books
Phonics: Short Vowels & Sight Words
Writing: Sentence Structure
Math: Number Bonds 
Students are allowed to check out one library book and take it home. I always encourage the students to check out books that match their monthly reading log. I sent home a reminder about your email last week. If you are not receiving emails, you need to email me so I can add you to the group.